About Joballo

Joballo’s core values (Webpreneurship and Education Networking) revolves around the Founder, Fru Godwill Fru; Cameroonian webpreneur with over a decade long experience living full-time from legit internet business models from blogging, web design, freelancing, affiliate marketing and trading the financial markets(forex).

Inspired by my success and progress from where I started 10 years ago, especially looking around with so many youths unemployed and struggling is why we embarked on this project to team up with other webpreneurs to help bridge the gap for aspiring, new, struggling and already profitable internet entrepreneurs; start successful online businesses or learn to scale already existing ones.

Joballo pushes this vision in two ways...


With my experience going through the process and with my results to back this up our team, together with other proven entrepreneurs will be creating In-depth video courses on everything we have mastered over the years and these courses will be available for all Joballo students


Splitting company profits from the sale of courses (50%) to offer startup capital to all students we train and those willing to help other youths by inviting them to the wealth of webpreneurial information we are offering here on Joballo.


Do you have a profitable skill or an already recorded course? Partner with us to change lives worldwide.