How It Works

How It Works

Joballo Digital Academy is an e-learning platform aimed at bridging the gap for aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs. Joballo offers high-quality video courses by successful entrepreneurs who are making money legitimately from blogging (SEO), freelancing (selling any skill you have on the internet), forex trading (trading in the financial markets) and many more courses being added. These courses are backed by live payment proof showing that the skills and strategies being taught on the platform are being implemented and have been providing the best results for years(you can watch payment proof video on 

Joballo video courses are a step by step walkthrough taking you from beginner to professional in a digital career of your choice and are available in both English and French

Joballo membership is just 60,000 CFA and you get Lifetime Access to all membership courses on the platform. You can, therefore, study at your convenience, in the language that suits you best and with the question section, you can ask questions and get answers back almost instantly


To further push Joballo’s vision of bridging the gap for aspiring digital entrepreneurs, the platform is giving back 50% of the revenue from student registrations back to Joballo students, to help them get capital to start-up digital businesses with the skills they pick up on Joballo.

Here's how it is broken down

1. For every new student that you invite who enrolls into Joballo using your Joballo ID or referral link, you get  20,000 CFA instantly out of their enrollment fee. 

So for every 5 students that you invite, for example, you get 100,000 CFA instantly via mobile money, orange money, Visa Card or bank account! There is no limit to how much you can earn by helping others learn on Joballo! 

2. Joballo has a strategy that is aimed at funding all student accounts with a start-up capital of up to 1,000,000 CFA / Student. This is done by using a substantial amount of the revenue from enrollment fees of new students, to fund the accounts of already existing students (Even if they NEVER invite anyone to come study on Joballo)

You can learn more about how the startup capital funding works for everyone by watching this video


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